Hair Care for Different Ages

Hair Care for Different Ages

Hair health is different at varying stages of our life.

Naturally, different proper hair care, including how to prevent damage and hair thinning needs to be applied.

The health of our hair is at its peak during our 20’s. At this time, we should be most careful on preventing damages, and providing it with good nutrition to be at its best. Avoid fad diets, or yoyo dieting, because this gravely damages the hair. Those diets deprive our hair from the nutrition it needs like protein, vitamins and minerals. These elements are what are responsible for hair radiance and healthy glow.

During 30’s the health of the hair is greatly affected, especially for women. Pregnancy plays a vital part at this stage. During pregnancy, hair tends to be very radiant, until 6 months after pregnancy where hair fall is at its highest. Most women find their hair regrowing, but for women who have a tendency towards female-pattern hair loss, these strands of hair may be lost forever. So at this stage, one should be very careful with product use, and how their hair reacts to the chemicals.

During 40’s, when the hair is beginning to grey, is the only time women are excused from dying their hair. You should only dye three shades away from the original hair color to avoid damage. It is also at this age that hair begins to thin. Maximum care, and not style should be used for your hair.

Gray hair typically begins to appear in women in their 40s. Women at this age usually turn to hair color as a way to camouflage gray hair.

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