Honda Innova created as fuel-sipping, shell-encased bike

Allert Jacobs’ Bike is a sheer extravaganza. Based on the Honda Innova design but heavily modified and more aerodynamic, the bike is fuel-sipping, shell-encased and achieves 200 miles per gallon. The 1:5 scale model of Honda Innova, this amazing bike took Allert three years and cost him $5,000. But what an amazing bike he finally comes up with.

The making of this bike is marked with many changes during the span of three long years. The modifications include a hand crafted fiberglass shell, steel tubes welded to the bike’s frame, a frame and rails added to the front of the bike, allowing the front of the shell to slide 18 inches forward like a door and lock shut.

Additionally, there are aerodynamic cones with indicator lights for his side-view mirrors and the mileage boost is achieved with the aerodynamic shape. Apart from this, bike’s automatic clutch has also been converted to manual to keep it from slipping.

The rider can put his feet down to balance when it is stopped, seat can be lowered and the creator has also welded and bolted a steel rail to the front of the bike and bike is secure for the occupant can lock his/her valuables inside.