Skoda Rapid Concept, a futuristic green vehicle with customizable interior

This latest Skoda Rapid concept from Dalibor Pantucek has been developed while keeping in mind that lot more remains incomplete to make a perfect eco friendly car which is superefficient, lightweight and sturdy vehicle for prolonged use. The designer thinks that it’s a time for revolution, for a new ideology of the car and to go beyond the creations of cars like Prius. As a result, the designer envisions Skoda Rapid concept that features a super and sleek frame which can be transformed by changing the length, depending on the type of travel - from city to highway.

Vehicle’s shell body has dual role: it protects passengers and improves aerodynamics. The other peculiar features of the concept are – specially designed wheels for their spokes serve as pendants and a customizable interior made of layers of the shape memory effect that allows the occupants to create their own interior, depending on the number of passengers and needs. Skoda Rapid concept may not seem too consistent with the traditions of Skoda, however; the designer is of the view that basic values of the brand viz. flexibility, variability and smart decisions have been severed with this concept.