Toshiba Satellite E205 with Wireless Display (WiDi) Reviews & Price

Toshiba Satellite E205 with Wireless Display (WiDi) Reviews & Price

Toshiba unveiled its new notebooks at CES 2010, with more or less than expected, update or refurbished hardware design, but each one stands above the rest, we talked about the Toshiba Satellite E205.

As you can read in the headline of the story, this is the first laptop to use wireless Display (WiDi) technology from Intel, it can display any multimedia file from our team on television, or if you wanted to play a YouTube video in high definition she could do it.

Ultimately the technology allows us to connect wirelessly with other equipment, and it serves as a third component is at stake, a small device made by Netgear that connects to the screen via HDMI and acts as a wireless receiver.

This receiver will retail for $ 100 and works only with computers with Intel Core i3 or i5, which is the case, as the Toshiba Satellite E205 has a Core i5-430M.

Other important specifications of the notebook is its 14-inch (LED), has a backlit keyboard, and the requisite HDMI connector, other aspects that differ according to their settings are or 4GB of RAM 500GB hard drive. The chosen operating system is Windows 7 and be in North American stores later this month of January at a price of $ 999.

Speaking of Widi technology itself, we could say that there is no particular novelty in this set of devices for streaming on a screen, but in practice people Toshiba and Intel argue that there is no easier way to do that with your configuration at the same time, you are guaranteed excellent quality.