Toyota aims green with the launch of ‘new-to-market’ green vehicles in 2012

Going green is what Japanese automakers earnestly aim at. Coming up to the occasion, Toyota plans to introduce three “new-to-market” green vehicles in 2012, a company source said. Three vehicles are: a battery electric vehicle (BEV), a plug-in version of the Prius and an as-yet-unveiled variant of the Prius. Among the three, BEV will be similar to the electric version of the iQ, unveiled at 2009 Detroit auto show and the second Prius variant vehicle will the much talked about MPV version of the hybrid. The second Prius vehicle will commence the creation of an ongoing family of vehicles that will carry Prius badge. Unfortunately, details are scant about the launch or price etc., however; there are also prospects about Toyota selling the electric vehicle only in certain markets that provide sufficient infrastructure to support the vehicle. For more info stay tuned.