2011 Ford Explorer is an outstanding car

In President Obama’s opinion, the redesigned 2011 Ford Explorer is “an outstanding car.” He checked out this car when he went on a tour last Thursday at Ford’s Chicago assembly plant.

Just last week, Obama took the 2011 Chevrolet Volt for a 40-foot test-drive and he commented that the electric car was “pretty smooth.” He told the workers at Ford that his most recent car was a Ford Escape, which he describes to be “spiffy.” He shared that he bought the car two months before he got Secret Service (protection) and since they won’t let him drive it anymore, it only has 2,000 miles after five years. During this third visit to a domestic auto plant in a week, Obama announced a new $250-million Export-Import Bank loan guarantee for Ford. He said that this loan guarantee will “help Ford export more than 200,000 cars and trucks” to up to 90 countries. He also said that even with massive amounts of federal aid, the domestic auto industry is still “not back to where it needs to be.”