Eagle Yacht is a supercar on water

This extremely appealing super speedboat is the brainchild of a Serbian designer, Darko Markovic. Dubbed the Eagle Yacht, it encompasses the fine features of a sport vehicle and compact aerodynamic characteristics of a powerboat.

Inspired by combining super car lines and new advanced water aerodynamic, the boat is a vivid expression of all that is inspirational for leisure activities of the 21st century.

The dynamic and aggressive design is combined with aggressive engine power that translates into a safe, stronger yet lighter and faster high speed water ride.

Its exterior is endowed with sharp and advanced hull and wide body, which provides minimum air and water resistance, extreme stability, even at maximum speed, while the passengers are completely protected with the fully ergonomic seats.

The boat is intended for those who really love adventure and has passion for things that go really fast. As a result, it is designed to provide superb acceleration that matches its striking appearance and allows it to be a supercar on water.

Made of Fibers “Kevlar”, and covered by voltaic solar panels, the boat is powered 250 KW –direct drive jet propulsion system and gives ultimate pleasure on water without hurting environment a wee bit.