Philips D900 Smartphone – Specs and Details

Philips D900 is the new smartphone made in the monoblock form-factor, has a body with smooth contours and touch screen. It has a fully customizable for a wide range of intelligent applications and features an open mobile platform – Pocket PC, game consoles, and phone since then combined into one.

Philips D900 Features:

    * Support communications standards: CDMA2000 EVDO
    * Dimensions: 60,5 h15h101, 2 mm
    * Weight: 147.8 gr.
    * Display: 2.8-inch touchscreen, TFT, 240×320 pixels
    * Camera: 2 megapixel CMOS (CMOS) with video recording (MPEG4, 3GP / 176×144, 352×288)
    * Supported audio formats: AMR, Midi, MP3, SP-Midi, WAV, WMA
    * Communication: Bluetooth (including profiles A2DP, Handsfree, Headset), USB 1.1, WLAN, WAPI
    * Support for GPS navigation, microSD memory cards

The price of the smartphone, as well as prospects for its emergence in sales outside of China, have not been disclosed.