Sebring Spyder Concept visions a fully-electric Porsche sportscar

Marcus Classen, a transportation graduate, has come up with ‘Porsche Sebring Spyder Concept’, which is a design study of a 2-seater, open top and fully-electric sportscar. Marcus got inspiration from Porsche’s rich past and developed the concept with a peculiar focus on visual lightness. The designer presents the brand’s trademark design cues in novel way, but without missing the essence Porsche is renowned for.

The body of Sebring Spyder is weaved around an electric package with a design language which is light and showcases the lightweight construction. As a result, a lot of attention has been paid on reducing the maximum visual weight; however, only to the level until the design stops being distinctively Porsche. On the other, the electric setup give the designer freedom to narrow the main platform considerably, as the “vehicle now needs to accommodate far less components to that of conventional combustion-engine layout”.