1000hp Cult Challenger SRT-8 reflects the American muscles

Americans are the diehard lovers of the muscle cars. It’s been, every now and then, reflected by some of the most amazing creations that cater well to their senses. Here is one that many freaks excessively in love with the road wrecking beasts will surely appreciate. Doge challenger with 425hp already has decent power figures but it has been tweaked, overhauled and the result comes in the form of a car that boasts over 1000hp. Custom built by the Cult energy drink manufacturer, this awesome beauty is the part of the Cult Challenger SRT-8 project and the work started on it in the summer of 2009. And, in order to give shape to this car and boost its power figures, the 6.1-liter HEMI block has been replaced with an 8.3 liter large specimen. The hot rod challenger will be shown at the SEMA.