The Dubai World Islands - Dubai Now Have The World

Copying the concept of a flat world or the Earth’s world map, Nakheel Properties realized the ruler of Dubai’s dream, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to have its own world islands on his coastline. Building of up to 300 man-made land masses near the Dubai coast, the masterpiece lies in the Middle East shoreline ready for new resorts and hotel development that will sure add up to Dubai’s booming tourism industry. This ambitious project just followed the popular man-made Palm Island which now has its fully-functioning hotels and luxury residential resort for well-off dignitaries.

Currently, The World Islands are being auctioned for occupancy and commercial space whoever rich businessman and companies willing to invest on this magnificent man-made wonder. Like how an Irish Business Consortium willingly bought the Ireland country portion to develop as an exclusive Irish resort. Some other real estate companies also bought most of the large islands ready for new tourist-centered setups.

With the diminishing supply of oil reserves in Dubai, the future investment on luxurious tourist attraction is the only best recourse of its ruler to further the country’s fast growing economy. More western businessmen support these kind of projects that’s why Dubai’s ruler Rashid Al Maktoum take every opportunity providing his own endorsement, some funds and resources to create a breath taking man-made structures to show the world the wealth oil industry could give on such a small state. The Palm Island and The World are indeed the concrete proofs of their gains as the world’s top oil fuel provider.