erwin wurm- 'narrow mist' at UCCA

if I can't fit in your narrow house, is it all right if I peek through the windows?  -xiao pangzi yes, why not? it's possible. or maybe if you go in the house, you'll get stuck in one of the rooms. I can't make any guarantees you won't get stuck.

are your box statues anatomically correct? if not, how do you tell the male boxes from the female? I tried looking under their clothes, but it was really, really hard to tell.  -name withheld at the moment, there are just male boxes, no female boxes. don't ask me why - I have no idea. an inner voice told me just to make male boxes.

I need to access the internet. would it be possible to install broadband in one of my rooms, or would it have to be 'narrow-band'? please advise.  -the narrow house
no, you can install normal-band because the narrowness is just related to the house,
for this specific work, this specific house. I'm not going to force other things to be narrow.